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20% off all purchases $100+

Renew your wellness essentials for spring with 20% off all orders $100 or more through April 30th.

20% off all purchases $100 +

Renew your wellness essentials for spring with 20% off all orders $100 or more through April 30th.

Take control of your wellness by saying no to sleepless nights, no to stress, and no to unnecessary aches and pains.

Our products are formulated with care to help calm your body and mind when you need it most.


Restore your serenity with our line of products formulated to calm the mind & body with Oregon-grown hemp CBD + adaptogens.

Discover your new nightly ritual with the power of broad-spectrum hemp CBD, CBN, & valerian root.

Unwind, relax, and give your body the peace it deserves with beautifully simple ingredients and broad-spectrum hemp CBD.

CBD products with purpose - straight to your door

third-party tested
oregon-grown hemp
gluten & soy-free
fast shipping

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CBD-infused vegan dark chocolate dusted with hand-harvested sea salt.

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Our powerful blend of hemp CBD + CBN with valerian root for better sleep.

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Unflavored 100% organic coconut MCT oil tincture to calm your mind & body, naturally.

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Relieving CBD body balm to target inflammation and soothe discomfort.

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what people are saying

Every morning and every night I rely on this tasteless tincture to assist in my pain management by decreasing inflammation therefore helping to also balance my moods. Certainly proven to be a helpful sleep aid as well, in my case.

- Jamie -

Products are awesome. It helps me sleep and not feel tired in the morning. I really feel rested. Shipping is always fast! Thank you!!

- Lisa -

Perfect for a daily dose of relaxation. I love this, it helps me daily and I love the company, it is SO good and the customer service has been excellent!

- Patricia -

I loved it! And I'm glad i finally found a cbd chocolate that doesn’t have coconut oil in it and tastes great!!

- Jana -

why grön?

Our team truly cares about what we put into our bodies, and we’re passionate about providing that same quality for our community – so you can worry less about what’s holding you back and focus more on what inspires you to push forward.



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Grön is a WBENC certified women's business