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Where's my Batch ID?

Your product’s batch number can be found on the side or back panel of the product packaging, or on the product itself. In the example image, the batch number is ABC1D2345. Enter the batch number on your product package in the search field to retrieve the test results.

Gron Third-Party Test Results on Every Batch

Don't have a Batch ID?

If you haven’t yet received your products, we’ve provided some recent test results below. Your specific batch test results may vary slightly.

Dark Chocolate w/ Sea Salt Tested on 08/12/20

Milk Chocolate Tested on 08/12/20

Dark Chocolate w/ Raspberry Tested on 09/24/19

Milk Chocolate w/ Sea Salt Tested on 09/24/19

Calm Dark Chocolate Mini Bar Tested on 07/30/20

Snooze Dark Chocolate Mini Bar Tested on 07/30/20

Savor: CBD Chocolate Sampler: 

Blackberry Fruit Chews Tested on 08/12/20

Strawberry Fruit Chews Tested on 08/12/20

Calm Blueberry Acai Fruit Chews Tested on 08/18/20

Snooze Tart Cherry Fruit Chews Tested on 08/18/20

Peach Bellini Sugar-Coated Pearls Tested on 01/17/20

Raspberry Lemonade Sugar-Coated Pearls Tested on 01/07/20

Chocolate-covered Coffee Beans Tested on 11/21/19

Chocolate-covered Hazelnuts Tested on 01/07/20

Ruby Raspberry Cacao Tested on 08/28/19

Madagascar Dark Chocolate Tested on 10/30/19

Bourbon Vanilla Dark and White Chocolate Tested 12/20/19

Hawaiian Milk Chocolate Tested on 10/30/19

Texas Praline Dark and Milk Chocolate Tested on 12/20/19

Calm Daily Tincture Tested on 08/12/20

Snooze Nightly Tincture Tested on 08/18/20

Water-Soluble Elixir Tested on 07/29/20

Unflavored Tincture Tested on 06/30/20

Lemon Lime Tincture 11/06/19

Mint Tincture Tested on 11/06/19

Bacon and Cheddar Pet Tincture Tested on 10/15/19

Peanut Butter Pet Tincture Tested on 10/15/19

Chicken Drumstick Pet Tested on 10/15/19

Relieve: Empowering Body Balm Tested on 11/21/19 

Rejuvenate: Awakening Clay Mask Tested on 11/21/19

Renew: Time-Reversing Face and Neck Cream Tested on 11/21/19

Restore: Brighter Mornings Eyes Cream Tested on 11/21/19

Revive: Vitalizing Body Lotion Tested on 11/21/19

Repair: Adaptable Hair Mask Tested on 11/21/19

Caramel Sauce Tested on 11/11/19

Chocolate Sauce Tested on 07/18/19