Helpful answers about our CBD

Where does your CBD come from?

Our CBD is exclusively sourced from USDA certified organic hemp grown right here in the state of Oregon. From the beginning, Grön has been committed to providing the highest-quality, CBD-infused products to the widest audience possible, and sourcing our CBD from locally grown, organic hemp allows us to do just that.

To ensure that our products continue to be created with the best ingredients available, Grön has partnered with East Fork Cultivars, one of only a small handful of USDA certified organic hemp growers in the United States. Like Grön, East Fork has a deep commitment to environmental and socially responsible practices, which has led them to become an industry leader in agricultural sustainability. Not only is their organic hemp free of harmful contaminants and pesticides, but the CBD oil made from it are also guaranteed to be THC-free. It’s the height of ethical hemp production and Grön is bringing it to the masses.

If CBD is a cannabinoid, won't it get me high?

Although THC and CBD are both cannabinoids and interact with our endocannabinoid system, they are structurally different and affect us in very different ways. Specifically, THC is particularly good at binding with and activating what we call the CB1 cannabinoid receptor, and that receptor is the site most responsible for the feeling of being high. CBD, on the other hand, stimulates the CB2 receptor and actually inhibits binding to the CB1 receptor. This means that ingesting our CBD can never get you high.

Will taking your CBD make me test positive on a drug test?

Our CBD is 100% THC free. Because of this, there is no chance our products will cause a positive result on tests looking for traces of THC or their metabolites.