Grön CBD Holiday Gift Guide

Grön CBD Gifts for anyone on your list

If you’re looking for the perfect way to treat yourself, or someone on your list, we’ve put together a quick guide to make it easy! CBD-infused gifts for any budget, any diet, and any preference!

We love the holiday season because it’s a time when we take a pause from our lives to reconnect with the ones we love, and celebrate together. Whether or not you subscribe to any of the upcoming seasonal holidays, we hope you find time for yourself to breathe and reflect on how far you’ve come. You deserve it! And if you’re looking for something to take the edge off during your family time, our CBD-infused confections, tinctures, and skincare will give you the perfect micro-dosed blessing of bliss.

Great Gifts Under $25

Incredible gifts don’t need to break the bank! Whether you’re shopping for the holidays, a company gift-exchange, or for yourself, we’ve put together some incredible, affordable gifts that you’ll love.

Grön - Savor CBD Chocolate Sampler

Savor: CBD Chocolate Sampler (60mg CBD)

The perfect CBD chocolate sampler for anyone wanting to taste the most incredible chocolates with the benefits of 20mg CBD per mini-bar. Includes our vegan dark chocolate, smooth milk chocolate, and our special Ruby Cacao bar. ($16)

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Dark Chocolate w/ Raspberry Bars (100mg CBD)

Our flagship chocolate bars are handcrafted, delicious, and infused with 100mg CBD per bar. Vegan dark chocolate topped with organic, freeze-dried raspberries make this bar perfect as a stocking stuffer, a Secret Santa gift, or to simply enjoy while you’re relaxing at home. ($20)

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Peach Bellini Sugar-Coated Pearls (200mg CBD)

Our sugar-coated gummy pearls are light, fruity, and incredibly delicious. Each pearl is perfectly dosed with 10mg of CBD (20 pearls total), and the bright peach flavor will leave your tastebuds singing. ($20)

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Bourbon Vanilla Dark & White Chocolate (50mg CBD)

Our handcrafted Bourbon Vanilla specialty chocolate bar is infused with 50mg CBD from organic hemp, and tastes as beautiful as it looks. Dark chocolate balances out the beautiful rich white chocolate for a deep vanilla finish. ($12)

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Gifts for the CBD First-Timer

Looking for the perfect gift to share the power of CBD? Look no further!

Discover: CBD Variety Gift Box (195mg CBD)

Give the gift of Discovery – the perfect gift for someone interested in CBD.
Includes one of each: Dark Chocolate Mini Bar (20mg CBD), Relieve: Empowering Body Balm .25oz (50mg CBD), & Unflavored CBD Tincture .125 fl oz (125mg CBD). ($32)

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Relieve: Empowering Body Balm (200mg CBD)

Handcrafted blend of cocoa butter, organic grapeseed oil, and organic beeswax that enhances the topical absorption of CBD in an effective and lightly scented balm. A perfect gift for the anyone needing relief from body soreness. ($40)

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Unflavored Extra Strength Tincture (1000mg CBD)

Two simple, natural ingredients and nothing else! Tasteless and odorless, this highly potent product is a great addition to your morning beverage or just on its own. Perfect for anyone looking to add CBD to their daily routine! ($100)

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hawaiian chocolate

Hawaiian Milk Chocolate (50mg CBD)

Refreshing and smooth with notes of caramel, its wild fruitiness is tamed by the intense creaminess of the milk. Rich and exciting but focused on wonderful chocolate taste. Is anything more welcoming than delicious milk chocolate? ($12)

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Gifts for a Sweet Tooth

These confections are delicious, shareable, and absolutely sure to impress your loved ones!

Joy: CBD Sugar-Coated Pearls Gift Box (400mg CBD)

Give a gift that will truly spark joy.
Includes our Raspberry Lemonade & Peach Bellini sugar-coated gummy Pearls. Deliciously sweet gummies that will keep anyone smiling. ($40)

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Explore: CBD Chocolate Gift Box (400mg CBD)

A gift for those possessing the spirit of exploration—in chocolate! Includes two of each: Bourbon Vanilla Dark & White ChocolateMadagascar Dark ChocolateHawaiian Milk Chocolate, and Ruby Raspberry. ($100)

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Celebrate: CBD Confections Gift Box (600mg CBD)

A gift worthy of celebration, and perfect for sharing.
Includes one of each: Raspberry Lemonade Sugar-Coated Pearls (200mg CBD), Peach Bellini Sugar-Coated Pearls (200mg CBD), Hazelnuts Covered in Dark Chocolate (100mg CBD), & Coffee Beans Covered in Dark Chocolate (100mg CBD). ($76)

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CBD Caramel Sauce (240mg CBD)

Fresh, local cream, sweet butter, and deeply caramelized sugar are blended with Madagascar bourbon vanilla and our organic hemp extract to create a sophisticated spin on a childhood favorite. Sweetness for any occasion. $32

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texas praline chocolate bar

Texas Praline Dark & Milk Chocolate (50mg CBD)

Our richest chocolate bar yet! 72% dark chocolate topped with handmade Texas pecan praline. The dark chocolate balances out the sweet praline topping for an elegant yet decadent finish. ($12)

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Gifts for Those in Need of a Spa Day

Shopping for someone that needs a break from their daily routine? Treat them to a CBD-infused spa day!

Rejuvenate: Awakening Clay Mask (240mg CBD)

Hand-whipped soothing and rejuvenating natural ingredients, a perfect home spa facial experience. Our organic hemp extract, cucumber, and seaweed soothe the skin and help reduce redness and breakouts while kaolin and sea clay both restore moisture in dry skin and absorb excess oil in trouble areas. This is an ideal mask for both men and women who want to awaken their skin’s true potential. ($50)

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Revive: Vitalizing Body Lotion (200mg CBD)

Astaxanthin, a natural compound found in freshwater algae, gives this lotion its unique color and works together with high concentrations of plant stem cells to reduce lines, wrinkles, and age spots. The perfect all-around body lotion, infused with organic hemp CBD. ($60)

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Renew: Time-Reversing Face & Neck Cream (150mg CBD)

Renew utilizes a potent formulation that pairs CBD with natural, hydrating ingredients to smooth wrinkles and brighten skin where you need it most. Hyaluronic acid and peptides work to retain moisture and plump the skin while glycolic acid, royal jelly, and bee propolis help your skin revitalize itself at the cellular level. With the added anti-inflammatory benefits of our organic hemp extract, Renew is the only cream your face and neck will need to visibly reduce the signs of aging. ($50)

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